Important notice: kX Project was started more than 15 years ago, in 2002. kX driver allowed thousands of people to better use their sound cards for DSP, playback and recording, ASIO and so on. We are very glad to have been with you these years. But now it is time to go on. This web site will be permanently closed in November, 2018. Full source code for the driver, as well as pre-compiled driver binaries will be available from github. Please update your bookmarks.
Thank you for being with us all these years.
- E.


Currently available skins for download:

(PLEASE NOTE: some of the skins might be incompatible with the very recent driver releases)

  • Some 3537 and 3538-compatible skins can be found HERE (made by TsoftT).
  • Aqua skin in Traditional Chinese by STARK Wong - download download
    Bug reports should be sent to the skin author
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  • Mackie Skin by Chris McCartney - download download
    Bug reports can be sent to
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  • Green Skin by Chris McCartney - download download
    Bug reports can be sent to
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  • by Chris McCartney - download download
    Bug reports can be sent to
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  • Lilac Skin by Sergey K. - lilac.kxs download
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  • Native Skin by Rab fulton - native.kxs download
    Bug reports can be sent to
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  • Brushed Aluminium by The Kezmiester - brushed.kxs download
    The new version can be found here.
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  • Light Blue Windows 3526 ini file - download

  • Media Metal (Grey Look) 3527 ini file - download

  • Watercolor XP 3527 ini file - download

  • Win2000/98 Plain 3527 ini file - download

The kX Skin architecture was created in order to facilitate the creation of skins for kX mixer. The basic procedure for creating skins is as follows:

  • If you do not intend to add or relocate any controls, then you can simply create your own .zip / .rar file with modified .jpg and/or .gif images, and create a custom kxskin.ini file with only one section, called '[skin]', which describes your new skin. Don't forget to add kxskin.ini to your zip archive. Your new zip file can be placed anywhere on your hard disk. It's name should not be kxskin.kxs and you should replace 'GUID' by a new one, generated by kX Mixer (Settings->Generate GUID). (GUID means Globally Unique IDentifier).
  • If your skin requires changes to window sizes or placement, you will have to create a more sophisticated kxskin.ini file. Refer to the included kxskin.ini example for details. However, if any settings are omitted from your custom kxskin.ini, they will be automatically retrieved from the default kxskin.ini that comes bundled with the kX mixer. Therefore, you are only required to provide your custom settings in your kxskin.ini file (including at a minimum the '[skin]' section). Note that images (.jpg/.gif files) and wave files (.wav) are now automatically retrieved from the default kxskin.kxs when using a custom mixer skin (since version 3514).
  • In general, the image and wave filenames referenced by kxskin.ini should not be changed, nor should you modify the text strings (in fact you may ommit them from your custom kxskin.ini). However, if you plan to localize kX mixer, please drop us an e-mail.
  • Once you have created your custom skin images, they should be zipped / rared together with your custom kxskin.ini file, into a zip file with a unique filename and with unique GUID. To use the skin, simply click 'Skin'->'Add Skin'.
  • Note also that the skin name should be unique.
  • In order to use these skins you should have at least version 3509 of the kX Software.
  • Since 3521 you can use RAR archives instead of ZIP. However, avoid using solid archives, because this may reduce the overall performance.
  • Since 3523 locale-dependent information is stored in lang.ini file. Do not include this file with your custom skin.
  • Note that all the files not found in your custom skin are automatically retrieved from the default skin. For instance, you may successfully omit .wav files in your custom skin.
If you are interested in creating your own skins - or have already created one - post a message to our Support Forum. If you have any questions, feel free to post them to our Support Forum.

You may also need to read the Translation Guide.

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