Important notice: kX Project was started more than 15 years ago, in 2002. kX driver allowed thousands of people to better use their sound cards for DSP, playback and recording, ASIO and so on. We are very glad to have been with you these years. But now it is time to go on. This web site will be permanently closed in November, 2018. Full source code for the driver, as well as pre-compiled driver binaries will be available from github. Please update your bookmarks.
Thank you for being with us all these years.
- E.

kX Plans and initiatives / User contribution

What are the recent changes in the kX Project?

We are glad our user base has increased significantly. Keeping project up-and-running requires a lot of human resources and a lot of time. Our new initiative is to encourage kX Users to take part in the project. There are several ways one can participate:
  • you can help us to translate the driver help and interface into different languages
  • you can contribute new skin files
  • you can become a beta-tester and test particular driver features
  • you can share your experience with the driver, tell us about any new uses of the software
  • you can help us to answer user questions posted on our forum
  • you can contribute to our 'Knowledgebase' project (see below)
  • (and, of course, you can send us a donation :)

What is 'kX Knowledgebase'?

Our driver has a lot of features -- some of them aren't even known to the majority of our users due to the main problem: our documentation is incomplete. Our new initiative is to start a 'Knowledgebase' project: everybody is encouraged to share his/her ideas on using the driver. Moreover, the knowledgebase will have sections dealing with ASIO, Cubase, Sonar, AC-3 Movies, Games etc, etc, etc...

At the moment we need to appoint certain people to act as Knowledgebase coordinators: they will need to collect, check, edit and publish any articles submitted by our users. Each coordinator will be responsible for the particular section. If you wish to help us, please feel free to drop a message to our Support Forum.

Please visit kX Knowledgebase for details.

We are sorry, but Knowledgebase project is no longer supported or maintained. However, GitHub now stores some of the Guides, HowTos and PDFs previously found in the Knowledgebase.'

Any more ideas?

YES! We are about to start a new preset/settings sharing system. The users will be able to share their presets and kX Settings, add screenshots and description and so on. We are sure this will help us to increase overall usage of the driver features and make the users aware of the (practically :)) infinite possibilities of our software. This system is currently under development -- we'll keep you informed on our progress.

kX Project is an independent development effort which highly relies on user activity. Without your contribution, the overall efficiency of our work will be low. Managing kX Project won't be too difficult task for us provided we are supported by the kX Community! We are very interested to receive feedback from you. Please share your ideas by posting to our support forum or by sending us an e-mail.

- Eugene Gavrilov

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