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MX6 General Purpose DSP Mixer for kX Project

6 stereo input Channels:
-IN1 to IN6

4 stereo Output Busses:

Functions per Input channel:
-IN slider is Input Level
-S1 slider Routes to SEND1 BUS
-S2 slider Routes to SEND2 BUS
-M  checkbox Routes to MAIN BUS
-R  checkbox Routes to REC BUS
-X  checkbox Mutes the channel's Input

Functions other controls:
-RECMON checkbox SWAPS the MAIN output with the REC output.
(for monitoring purposes)
-VU checkbox selects between the REC and MAIN Bus readout.
-Mouse click on Clip/Peak textbox indicator Resets 'Peak hold'.

The mixer works like a normal 6 x 4 Mixer console.
You can route an Input channel to Any, All, Selected or None of the 4 Busses
by the use of the S1, S2, M and R controls.
All of these Routing controls are POST Input slider!

To keep the mixer 'General Purpose' there are
no task specific 'Return Inputs' for Fx-return etc.
Simply use one of the 6 Inputs if you need a 'Return' and route it accordingly.
Afterall, a 'normal' 'Return' is nothing more than a regular Input without 'Sends'

 - LeMury 09/27/2003

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