Important notice: kX Project was started more than 15 years ago, in 2002. kX driver allowed thousands of people to better use their sound cards for DSP, playback and recording, ASIO and so on. We are very glad to have been with you these years. But now it is time to go on. This web site will be permanently closed in November, 2018. Full source code for the driver, as well as pre-compiled driver binaries will be available from github. Please update your bookmarks.
Thank you for being with us all these years.
- E.


If you'd like to have your audio or kX-related site listed here, download one of our "Powered by kX" logos and put it somewhere on your site with a link back to Send a message to with your site's URL and we'll link to it if the content looks suitable. Please note: some of the following links might be outdated.

kX Project - related sites
kX Documentation on GitHub
'Made with kX'
kX Forum dealing with music and sound created, composed and mixed with the kX Audio Driver
site dealing with certain aspects of kX DSP and Sonar
(in particular, Sonar kX Guide and kX DSP Setup).
Sonar and kX guide for users new to kX
LeMury guides to kX: A newbie guide on kX's concept or "How to setup your own DSP" - for musicians
DSP Setup Examples
Quick DSP Guide for musicians (using ProFX only)
FAQ for using BPM Studio with kX Drivers
kX-related stuff, mostly electronic expandations. Screenshots for cubase using are planned, also a project to expand SPDIF-possibilities with external standalone A/D-units. For other users with great ideas for hardware- or software-related stuff this site could be a portal for publication of their material.
kX-related link in German.
kX-related site in German.
kX Driver and Cubase-related site
Gonzo Setup page
a little cubase/KX help, dsp setup pics and a few things
additional kX DSP plugins
Russ page
additional kX DSP plugins, SB22x-related stuff
additional kX DSP plugins: Mixy 8x and 4x Monitor debugging utility and some useful information kX Project-related Czech resources kX Project-related articles in Russian

General Live/Audigy-related sites

Creative SoundBlaster official site
SBLive Resource Net -- APSLive drivers
Live Center
Alive! site

SoundFont-related sites

SoundFont links on the kX Support Forum
Titanic SoundFonts site
Soundfonts by GURAY DERE
The JazzPage [soundfonts]

kX link-exchange pages

BlueLight site
Tom Weber's website
McDeath's website site
iFFO Site
Nando Florestan site
Original SoundFont Banks by S. Christian Collins
Ethan Winer site
Dan Halson Site
DJ Database by Des Cahill
renoise banner
Primitive Visions

This is the site of a german music project. Especially house, techno productions and djing. One can download their songs or book their DJ team. There are also several tools to download free. The Primitive Visions project uses the kX drivers since the kX project official started. Russian site about music creation, audio software. Has some useful articles about modern music production software.

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