Important notice: kX Project was started more than 15 years ago, in 2002. kX driver allowed thousands of people to better use their sound cards for DSP, playback and recording, ASIO and so on. We are very glad to have been with you these years. But now it is time to go on. This web site will be permanently closed in November, 2018. Full source code for the driver, as well as pre-compiled driver binaries will be available from github. Please update your bookmarks.
Thank you for being with us all these years.
- E.

Documentation and articles

kX Project knowledgebase

We've started a new initiative: kX Knowledgebase Project. Please review our preset plans for details.

'Knowledgebase' is no longer supported or maintained. Some of kX Knowledgebase PDfs and documentation is now stored on GitHub.

kX Project-related docs and articles

Technical Documentation

  • The EMU10K1 Digital Audio Processor - pdf
  • FX8010 - A DSP Chip Architecture for Audio Effects - pdf
  • SoundFont Technical Specification - pdf
  • SoundFont Application Note - pdf

3-D Positional Audio and Reverberation

  • Transaural 3-D Audio with User-Controlled Calibration - pdf
  • A Reverberator Based on Absorbent All-Pass Filters - pdf
  • 3-D Audio and Acoustic Environment Modeling - pdf

AC97 and I2S Codecs and ADC/DACs

  • Audio Codec '97 Revision 2.1 May 22,1998 (Intel) - pdf
  • Cirrus Logic / Crystal CS8413/CS8414 Digital Audio Receiver - pdf
  • ASAHI KASEI AK4524 Audio Codec - pdf
  • Sigmatel STAC9708-11 AC97 Codec - pdf
  • Sigmatel STAC9700 AC97 Codec - pdf
  • Sigmatel STAC9721 AC97 Codec - pdf
  • Wolfson WM8728 DAC - pdf
  • Philips UDA1328T i2s codec - pdf
  • Philips UDA1330ATS i2s codec - pdf
  • Philips UDA1360TS i2s codec - pdf
  • Philips UDA1361TS i2s codec - pdf

E-mu / Creative Patents

  • Re-Use of Special Purpose Registers as General Purpose Registers - pdf
  • Processor with Instruction Set for Audio Effects - pdf
  • Method And Apparatus for Three Dimentional Audio Spatialization - pdf
  • Method And Apparatus for Formatting Digital Audio Data - pdf
  • Memory Initialization Circuit - pdf
  • Interrupt Control for Multiple Programs Communicating with A Common Interrupt by Associating Programs to GP Registers, Defining Interrupt Register, Polling GP Registers, And Invoking Callback Routine Assotiated with Defined Interrupt Register - pdf
  • Method And Circuit for Implementing Digital Delay Lines Using Delay Caches - pdf
  • Enviromental Reverberation Processor - pdf
  • Dynamic Digital IIR Audio Filter And Method Which Provides Dynamic Digital Filtering for Audio Signals - pdf
  • DMA Device with Local Page Table - pdf
  • Audio Effects Processor Integrated on A Single Chip with A Multiport Memory onto Which Multiple Asynchronous Digital Sound Samples Can Be Concurrently Loaded - pdf
  • Audio Effects Processor Having Decoupled Instruction Execution And Audio Data Sequencing - pdf
  • System for Switching Between Buffers When Receiving Bursty Audio - pdf
  • Digital Sampling Instrument Employing Cache Memory - pdf
  • Interpolation Looping of Audio Samples in Cache Connected to System Bus - pdf

Other related documentation

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